Have You Ever Been Aware

 That Diabetes Condition Can

Lead to Other Bad



         There are even more conditions that emerge from                 untreated diabetes:

There are so many complications that attached to diabetes, several complications which may affect your eyesight, your limbs, your kidneys and many other parts of your body. In the following lines we will enumerate just a few of them:

The Cold Hard Truth:

By living with diabetes and by taking your prescribed medication, you are under the constant daily threat of dying of a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, succumbing to blindness, amputations, neuropathy, hypertension, nerve system disease, high cholesterol, depression, and falling into a coma. Those are just the side-effects of living with diabetes.

Now lets add the side-effects from the drugs that are supposed to "help" you;

hepatitis, liver problems, acidosis leading to death within hours, heart attacks, stroke, increased risk of cancer, weakened immune system, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, heart failure, etc.


If you have diabetes, you simply cannot continue this way - sooner rather than later you WILL die; either from diabetes, its complications, or side-effects from the drugs you take. And it won't be quietly in your sleep either. Getting rushed to the hospital while the paramedics break all of your ribs giving you CPR will be hell on earth.

Spending your last moments with tubes and pumps and ventilators in unbearable agony, you will wish you did something sooner.

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