How Protein Is Very Important To Human Health

Protein has vital to human life as water and oxygen. Only protein can supply us with the very material from which we are made. Protein is the most plentiful substance in our bodies and composes 18 to 20% of our total body weight.

Together with water and oxygen, protein is vital to all life as the chief tissue builder and basic substance in every living cell. Everyone recognizes protein in the form of muscle, skin. Hair, eyes and nails. But protein is also the principle component of body, heart, tendons, ligaments, brains, genes, hormones and enzymes. The metabolic process that keeps our body running is regulated by some proteins (Hormones) and catalyzed by other proteins. (Enzymes).

Our body cannot store protein, so we need a continuous supply from diets when the body receives protein, it uses only what its needs at that moment and concert the rest into fuel to be use as energy. Once protein has been converted it can never be changed back, no matter how great the body’s demand for protein.

Protein is a combination of amino acids

Protein is composed of a string of small chemical units known as amino acids. The body cannot absorb the whole protein molecule and must break it down into individual amino acids. These can be absorbed by the body and reassembled to form the new protein combination of the body tissues, cells, enzymes and many others.

Why Do You Need Protein To Survive

Protein source

While all amino acids have some characteristics in common, each has very distinctive properties that make it’s a separate chemical entity. Of the 22 different amino acids the body requires. 15 can be synthesized or constructed by the body even if they are not present in diet.

The 8 remaining are known as essential amino acids because they cannot be synthesized and must be supplied daily in the food we eat. Not getting the right quality will result in different type of disease and Infertility is one of these diseases.

It is the presence of the essential amino acids that dictates the quality of a protein.

A protein is only good as its least plentiful amino acid. The body construct protein (tissues, etc) using the essential amino acids. If it only receives seven of the eight, it may not be able to synthesize the particular protein it needs. Or if it receives an abundant supply of seven but only a small amount of 8th, the body will construct proteins only until the 8th amino acids is used up. The remaining 7 will not be used for protein synthesis. Therefore, to be a high quality protein, it must contain all the dietary essential amino acids in balanced amount for the body to use.


High Protein Foods Are Often High In Fat And Cholesterol

Today, from all sides, we are receiving the message to drastically reduce the fat and cholesterol in our diets. The poses a dilemma, the very foods that are highest in fats and cholesterol are some of our best source of protein-eggs, red meat, diary products. If we stop eating these foods, we are likely to seriously reduce the protein content in our diet.

The best protein in the body

It’s a kind of double edge sword. If we reduce our intake of fat and cholesterol, we also reduce our dietary intake of protein. However, if we maintain our protein intake by not reducing the fat and cholesterol in our diets, we are taking a tremendous risk with our health.

We know that the body cannot store protein in the same way it can store fats. It must be supplies daily with proteins that contain all of the amino acids in proportions that match the body’s needs. A protein deficiency can result in

  1. Some forms of disease
  2. Premature aging

To prevent these damaging effects, we need a high quality, natural source of protein that is low in fat and cholesterol.

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